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Welcome To Cupkate and co.

Where art and pastry meet



"To me, pastries are the perfect vehicle to communicate my creative soul to the world. In my experience, I have learned that life is beautiful in all its imperfections. Energy, movement, and love inspire me to design what feels real, not perfect, in order to create lasting pastry art." -Katherine G. Moya


Our Designs

Discover our custom tailored Wedding & Celebration Cakes Gallery to get a sense of CupKate & Co's style. Our art is not static, we take every opportunity to explore new textures, flavours and designs. We believe that our creations should capture your true essence, reflecting what makes you you rather than mimicking trends. To us, beauty lies in authenticity and simplicity. 


our mission

to celebrate life by handcrafting elegant, timeless cakes and artisanal confections